The Rushing Hour produces timeless, quality and edgy styles for the millennium women.

She is a creature of her own making, yet being moulded by love.

She is not bound by society or what the current collective dictates.

She seeks a deeper, more meaningful lifestyle and is looking for brands that provide the same equal values.


Giving is our core value.
The Rushing Hour gives you beautiful and effortless style,
as well as gives back to the society.



Versatility is the name of the game. We know The Rushing Hour woman leads a busy life, so we aim to provide clothing that’s easy to mix and match and environmentally beneficial.

Our collection has a minimalist sensibility with a polished edginess. It's versatile enough to go from office smart to street sleek with ease, plus our creations are totally Instagram savvy (tag us please).

But wait, there’s more: did we mention that ironing our clothing is not necessary? Yep, true story! Some of our unique fabrics come wrinkle free, because who really has the time to iron?


We want to break the idea of gender separatism.

With every item sold, in collaboration with One Girl — we will sponsor a girl’s education costs for one month. When we help to educate a girl, it’s one step towards ending poverty. We want to thank you sincerely in advance for reading this, telling your friends, or making a purchase to make a difference. Social goodness is contagious. Let’s spread it everywhere.

Every item is also labelled with an inspirational quote from female game changers across history, just to remind you that you have changed someone’s life, and that makes you beautiful.


We prefer transparency. This brand is created by a busy woman who just doesn’t have time for BS, so this unapologetic attitude carries through our way of working.

Firstly, we do not Photoshop our models; we keep the photographs authentic just like our clothing.

Secondly, we do not believe in excessiveness. Who says fashion needs a quick turnaround? We don’t rush fashion as we don’t want to fall into the mass production trap. Every year, million of tons of textiles end up in landfill. We provide products with quality and classic silhouettes that have a longer lifespan; good for the soul and good for our planet.

Uplifting humanity through innovation.








do it with


I was committed to an idea of starting a business
with a bit of everything I'm passionate about:
creative, textile, technology, and to have a social activist brand.
So I quit my day job.


A rule breaker at heart, I never find myself obeying corporate standards, even in the creative industry. I blame that on the fact I was born an “illegal child” in China back in 1982. (This cool fact about me gave me a natural excuses to be a rebel.)

I became obsessed about “running away” from comfort zones, lived out of my suitcase travelling and working around the world during most of my 20s. The change of scenery is the best vitamin to nurture ideas and it makes me feel alive. The experience of meeting people from high and low has slowly made me realise how fortunate I am and eventually, what I aim for is to pursue a career that makes the world a more equal and happy place. I believe that as a designer, I am responsible for what I use, how I deliver, what I sell. The Rushing Hour was borne out of combining what I love with my beliefs. It's as simple as that.

This is a starting point to a very exciting future. The Rushing Hour’s vision is to uplift humanity through innovative fashion. So I’ll keep creating to make positive change.